Clearlake seeks to enhance data management practices and security measures by partnering with portfolio company management teams to update and implement information security and data privacy policies and procedures and address privacy-related regulatory obligations. In addition, Clearlake engages with management teams to complete internal privacy assessments and enhance data retention policies to mitigate the risk of data breaches.

Clearlake Cybersecurity Initiatives

  • Ensure portfolio companies are equipped with adequate cyber insurance
  • Partner with portfolio companies to complete third-party risk assessments with one of our recommended vendors
  • Leverage the use of third-party tools to monitor cybersecurity scores and rankings throughout the portfolio
  • Utilize standardized board reporting templates to review performance metrics, risk assessment findings, and execution roadmaps on a quarterly basis


As part of our procurement efforts, we not only maintain relationships with several nationally recognized vendors, but we are also able to harness the capabilities of investments across the portfolio, including:

  • Beyond Trust, which provides privileged access management solutions to stop data breaches and achieve compliance. Services include privileged password management, endpoint privilege management, secure remote access, and cloud privilege protection.
  • Digicert, which provides high-assurance digital certificates, certificate management software solutions and public-key infrastructure solutions, which enable secure authentication and encryption. DigiCert has agreed to prearranged pricing for Clearlake portfolio companies as well as pre-negotiated terms to streamline the procurement process.
  • Quest Software, which provides Cybersecurity, data intelligence, and IT operations management software, with a reputation as a critical software solution provider for security-sensitive customers and an innovator in addressing rapidly evolving risks and security threats. Quest enables today’s edgeless IT ecosystem, across people, applications, and data to endpoints, allowing customers to maintain controls, mitigate and contain security threats proactively, and achieve operational up-time while decreasing costs.