October 31, 2023

VICTORYLIVE WWW.VICTORYLIVE.COM Sector | Subsector: Technology | Software Investment Year: 2021 Status: Current Location: Atlanta, GA Region: North America VictoryLive is a platform focused on sports & entertainment, event management, data, and ticketing technology that offers an end-to-end software and services platform for the ticketing industry, managing thousands of sports and events tickets on behalf of teams / professional sports

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September 13, 2023

LEARFIELD WWW.LEARFIELD.COM Sector | Subsector – Technology & Consumer Services | Media Investment Year: 2023 Status: Current Location: Plano, TX Region: North America Learfield is a leading media and technology company powering college athletics with ties to over 1,200 collegiate institutions and over 15,000 local and national brand partners. Through its digital and data platforms, Learfield enables schools and brands

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October 13, 2022

BBB WWW.BBBIND.COM Sector | Subsector – Industrials | Sustainable Manufacturing Investment Year: 2022 Status: Current Location: Daphne, AL Region: Global BBB Industries LLC, (“BBB” or the “Company”), is a leading sustainable manufacturer of non-discretionary automotive, industrial, energy storage, and solar parts. BBB does business in 64 countries through 5 divisions with multiple sustainable manufacturing facilities and distribution centers located throughout

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September 7, 2022

CRASH CHAMPIONS WWW.CRASHCHAMPIONS.COM Sector | Subsector – Industrials | Automotive Services Investment Year: 2022 Status: Current Location: Chicago, IL Region: North America Founded in 1999 as a single shop in Chicago, Crash Champions has strategically expanded into a leading national automotive collision repair platform in the U.S. with over 550 facilities in 35 states and the District of Columbia. The

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August 31, 2022

TUNGSTEN AUTOMATION WWW.TUNGSTENAUTOMATION.COM Sector | Subsector – Technology | Software Investment Year: 2022 Status: Current Location: Irvine,CA Region: Global Tungsten Automation develops workflow automation software, combining capabilities for robotic process automation, cognitive capture, process orchestration, mobility, engagement, and analytics to digitally transform document-intensive workflows at enterprises and enable organizations to mitigate compliance risk, increase responsiveness to customers, and provide better,

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July 18, 2022

AMCS WWW.AMCSGROUP.COM Sector | Subsector – Technology | Software Investment Year: 2022 Status: Current Location: Limerick, Ireland Region: Global AMCS is a global provider of integrated software and vehicle technology for the environmental, recycling, and resource industries and offers optimization solutions to the broader transport and logistics market. AMCS helps over 4,000 customers globally to reduce their operating costs, increase

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July 8, 2022

BETANXT WWW.BETANXT.COM Sector | Subsector – Technology | Financial Technology Investment Year: 2022 Status: Current Location: New York, NY Region: North America BetaNXT is a software provider of self-clearing solutions including securities processing, custody, servicing, reporting, analytics, and other advisor tools to the wealth management industry. The Company is part of a broader buy-and-build consolidation strategy with the wealth management

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June 28, 2022

IPG WWW.ITAPE.COM Sector | Subsector – Industrials| Packaging Investment Year: 2022 Status: Current Location: Sarasota, FL and Montreal, QC Region: North America IPG develops, manufactures, and sells a variety of paper and film-based pressure-sensitive and water-activated tapes, stretch and shrink films, protective packaging, woven and non-woven products and packaging machinery. The Company provides this suite of solutions across a diversified

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June 3, 2022

CHELSEA F.C. CHELSEAFC.COM Sector | Subsector – Technology & Consumer Services| Media Investment Year: 2022 Status: Current Location: London, UK Region: International Founded in 1905 and centrally located in the heart of London, Chelsea F.C. is an iconic football brand with over 500 million fans across over 180 countries.


May 3, 2022

DISCOVERY EDUCATION WWW.DISCOVERYEDUCATION.COM Sector | Subsector – Technology | Software Investment Year: 2022 Status: Current Location: Charlotte, North Carolina Region: North America Discovery Education provides K-12 digital curriculum to educators and students around the world, driving student engagement across a variety of subjects via interactive content, video resources, and teaching tools that deliver real-world learning experiences. The Company’s integrated learning

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